Fiat announced its 2023 results and the big news is that it retains the position of the best-selling Stellantis brand for the third consecutive year. Global sales of the Italian automaker reached 1.35 million units, representing a 12 percent year-to-year increase.

Four key markets played an important role in Fiat’s success, with the brand scoring some impressive market shares – Brazil (21.8 percent), Italy (12.8 percent), Turkey (15.7 percent), and Algeria (78.6 percent). As for the models that stood out in each market, the Strada pickup was the best-seller in Brazil, the Panda dominated in Italy, and the budget Egea/Tipo compact model stole hearts in Turkey and Algeria.

Fiat was also the leading brand in South America with a market share of 14.5 percent, and a total of 542,000 sales in 2023. It appears that Fiat’s presence in many markets around the world is what helped it outsell all other mainstream brands of Stellantis including Citroen, Peugeot, and Opel.

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 Fiat Remains Stellantis’ Biggest Brand With 1.35 Million Sales In 2023
The diverse group of Fiat’s best-selling models in different markets around the world.

In Europe, the Fiat 500e remained the best-selling urban EV, with a 14.7 percent (+0.3 percent) share in the fully electric city car (A) and supermini (B) segments. In the ICE-powered front, the aging Panda and 500 took home a staggering 44.4 percent share in their segment, with accumulative sales of 230,000 units. This probably answers your question about why Fiat still keeps them on sale after all these years. Finally, the Ducato from Fiat Professional was Stellantis’ best-selling LCV, finishing up 7th overall in Europe.

Speaking about the future, Fiat CEO, Olivier Francois said that “Season two” of the Italian brand will begin soon. While he didn’t get into details, he added that the new era will be “giving life to the other side of our love brand, the one that stands for inclusive, ingenious, Italian, and furthermore global”.

Last year, Fiat launched the 600 small SUV and the Topolino heavy quadricycle in Europe, and the Titano midsize pickup in Algeria, Africa, and South America. As for 2024, the highlight will be the debut of the new Fiat Panda in Europe as an affordable EV crossover set to compete with Chinese invaders.