One of the things that employees of big car companies often complain about is that they change direction about as quickly as a tanker in the Pacific. But Cadillac has proved that’s not always the case by responding rapidly to changes in the EV tax credits system which had resulted in it losing its eligibility at the start of the year.

Only weeks after discovering that the Lyriq had been put on the government’s naughty list by virtue of it containing two components that didn’t pas the Treasury’s sourcing stipulations, Cadillac has managed to introduce production changes to the battery system that ensure buyers regain access to the full tax credit allowance.

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 Cadillac Lyriq Back On The $7,500 Tax Credit Nice List

“I’m pleased to report that today, all of the Cadillac Lyriqs that we’re producing are now compliant,” The Detroit News reported GM CFO Paul Jacobson telling a conference. “It’s an example of how we can be nimble within our supply chain and within our allocations to make sure that we’re maximizing the benefits. Being able to close that gap in just six weeks was a pretty impressive effort by the team.”

Though the Lyriq was on sale for several weeks while not qualifying for credits, it doesn’t mean those buyers lost out. GM offered them $7,500 to match the credits earlier buyers did qualify for, and says it will still be offering those incentives to owners of the remaining cars built with the non-compliant parts and which are still to be delivered.

The Lyriq’s less luxurious sister car, the Chevy Blazer EV, also lost credit access at the beginning of the year, but it was removed from sale in December while a software problem was being dealt with. No doubt when it does make it back into production, it will benefit from the same update and also qualify for the full $7,500 allowance.