New video footage of a terrifying crash, which resulted in an Amtrak train slicing through an Amazon delivery van, yet miraculously leaving the driver nearly unscathed, has emerged. Despite the incident occurring back in 2021, this is the first time that video footage from inside the van’s cabin has been shared for the public to see.

The accident occurred in Ixonia, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, and the driver (who miraculously survived with only minor injuries) is called Alexander Evans. As you can see in the dashcam video, the road approaching the railway tracks runs parallel to them before curving left over railroad that has no signals, lights, or barriers.

Evans can be seen glancing over his left shoulder in the video unearthed by TMZ, but fails to notice the approaching train before crossing the tracks. Speaking to WISN shortly after the 2021 accident, the Amazon driver revealed that he is deaf in his left ear, which muffled the sound of the train and its blaring horn. Although he eventually heard the train, it was too late.

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“Literally, it was like one long beep, horn from the train, and I put my foot on the gas, kind of like trying. I don’t know how far I’m going to get away from him,” Evans said at the time to WISN.

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Fortunately, he made it far enough to get the front seats over the tracks. Unfortunately, the rest of the van didn’t make it, and was hit by the train. As you can see in the TMZ video above, the collision tears everything behind Evans off the vehicle, leaving him sitting inches from the train that was still whizzing by.

Asked what he felt during the crash, he said, “Just air and the pressure. I felt the airbags. I didn’t know what to feel, to be honest with you.” He admitted that he couldn’t believe that he survived. Even as the train is whistling by him in the video, you can see Evans shaking his head in disbelief.

GIF TMZ / Youtube